Who am I ?

Hi, my name is Khedesha Naira. I am wild by nature. My appearance is a fine blend of femininity, sensuality and mysticism. I am very caring and empathic, but don’t be mistaken: I am multi-faceted and there is this explicitly sadistic part inside of me that comes alive sometimes. I can abduct you into the lustful game of bizarre eroticism because I am an intriguing and openminded woman… 

Khedesha is the name of an ancient temple priestess, who devotes her body and soul to the healing of men. This is my true calling and where I thrive. I love to provide sensuality and pleasure, whatever that means to you (within my boundaries), and to guide you to the next level in your life, so your eyes get to sparkle from joy and aliveness.

My journey began with a degree in biomedical sciences. For years, I worked in the laboratory, the hospital and in an international company, living ‘the happy life’ everyone dreamt of.  Until I had to change that life for the life I knew I was meant to be living – one of passion, empowerment and adventure! And my passion lies into the areas of conscious relating, intimacy, sexuality, kink and personal growth & liberation. Lucky for you! 

So I quit my relationship and my work and immersed myself into worlds that set me on fire. I kicked myself through a huge journey of selfguided education in relationships, sexuality and personal development, and now my toolbox is full with gifts for your satisfaction!

Just as each individual is unique, in each contact I strive to create a unique client dynamic through an intimate, intuitive, and empathetic approach. In all what I do, mutual respect and discretion are the core fundamentals, as is hygiene, safety and mutual understanding.

Naira is a woman with a lot of power resources. She has the capability to really connect with someone, without hidden agenda. She can be really present, with an tremendous gift of listening, asking questions and giving attention, from a place of empathy and involvement.“

Certificates, Trainings & Education

I have undergone mentorship and comprehensive study under the guidance of international renowned authorities in the fields of relating, intimacy, personal transformation, sexuality and kink.

In my sessions, I draw upon my diverse educational background to craft a truly potent experience that seamlessly blends the realms of mind, body, heart, eros, and soul.

Classical education & personal skills training

  • Master in Biomedical sciences 
  • Master after master in Molecular Biotechnology
  • Degree in academical teaching
  • Degree in lab animal science
  • Different trainings on time and project management

Human behaviour & holistic bodywork

  • Training in Biological foundation of human behaviour
  • Different trainings on medical ethics
  • Reiki level 1
  • Lomi lomi holistic bodywork
  • Chakra knowledge and massage
  • Sexual healing & dearmouring 
  • Dearmouring, general practitioner training
  • Body dearmouring Basic + Body, sound & Breath
  • Different coachings in life arts and personal development, empowerment & leadership
  • Training as instructor of firewalk, glas walking, arrow breaking and rebarring

Sexuality & relating

  • Training in lingam ritual
  • Conscious relating 
  • Spicy polarity
  • Spiritual sexual shamanism & tantra 
  • Women’s sexuality and empowerment training
  • Nonviolent communication 
  • Domina/Bizarrlady personal training 
  • Different kink workshops eg Dominant erotic massage
  • Different trainings around Wheel of Consent, relating, healing, emotional release

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