Client Love from Olivier

One of the biggest qualities of Naira is her high degree of being aligned with someone. The sessions bring me everytime what I need or what is a meaningful challenge to dive into. I feel my sexual energy flowing again, where it previously had stopped running. The sessions with her are very healing for me, revitalising and connecting, with myself as well as with others. I now have more space to live my sexuality as I want, greatly because she helped me getting rid of my shame.

Sensual Domination

Welcome to a world between worlds, where pleasure and kink intertwine, where shadow meets light. Whether you just want to have pleasure without shame, you want to go on a deeper level or you want to find purpose in your life as my servant, I am fully committed to give you the best experience possible. My favorites are sensual domination, CBT, erotic massage, anal play and role play, but I’m also fond of chastity, fetishes, mummification and golden showers (amongst others). I am loving, caring and empathic… but when my dark feminine wants to be released, then it’s time to be ready! Sultry and sadistic I will play with your desires and wishes within my limits, as I don’t do permanent, damage, kaviar, vomit, intercourse, oral sex or contact with my intimate body parts. Mutual respect, discretion and safety are my key principles.

Alchemy for modern lovers

These services are rooted on a blend of tantra, BDSM, somatics, conscious relating, dearmouring and self-empowerment. I will be lovingly guiding you into a new realm where you will encounter deeper layers of yourself and reality, and can rise above your current blockages, like challenges within your relationship or feeling disconnected from yourself. You will find new ways of being with yourself and in your relationships, with more profound communication, feeling deeper presence and heightened self-awareness. You’ll walk away, feeling like a man who can take the lead and an improved connection with your partner and the world around you.

Unconventional & unique services

Step right into the realm of the unconventional services, where eccentricity meets excellence. If you’re tired of the mundane and yearn for something truly special, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. As an openminded and versatile woman, I’m here to offer you experiences and adventures like no other. Let your imagination run wild and share you phantasies with me so we can birth them into reality. Prepare to be swept off your feet – your experience will be full with moments of sheer madness and magic.  Join me on this wild ride and let’s make some memories that defy all expectations. Delay no further; your craziest dreams await!

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